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He took a swipe at me, missed by a whisker: Man attacked by Palwal serial killer

Written by  Published in Crime Wednesday, 03 January 2018 07:19
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Naresh Dhankar was caught by a police team around 7.15 am on Tuesday when he was reportedly chasing his seventh victim on the street outside his in-laws’ home. He allegedly attacked the police team but suffered a brain haemorrhage in the end.

On Tuesday, Kapil Vikal could have ended up being the seventh victim of Naresh Dhankar’s killing spree in Palwal, if not for his prompt action.

Dhankar, a 43-year-old government official, bludgeoned six persons to death with an iron rod in a two-hour-long mayhem in the early hours of Tuesday in the Haryana town.

While three of his victims were watchmen, Dhankar also entered a hospital where he allegedly killed a woman attending to her sick relative. Five of the victims were found dead in a 400 metre radius from the Palwal city police station. All the victims had head injuries.

“I was used to Dhankar creating a ruckus outside his in-laws’ home every few weeks. On Monday night too, Dhankar created a scene, abusing his wife and in-laws who refused to let him in. He left a little before midnight,” recounted Vikal, a neighbour of Dhankar’s in-laws. He works as a manager with an automobile firm.

Vikal added that he was woken up around 6.30am on Tuesday by a loud rattling of his iron gates. “Dhankar was back. He was shouting abuses at his wife and rattling on my gates, urging me to let him in,” Vikal said.

Vikal refused to oblige, prompting Dhankar to resort to requests and pleadings. “Dhankar told me he was dying due to the cold. He begged me for a cup of tea. I took pity,” said Vikal.

But as soon as Vikal had unlocked the gates, Dhankar tried to barge in. “It was then that I noticed the heavy iron rod in his hand. His clothes were covered in blood. He took a swipe at my hand with the rod and left me injured. But I managed to push him out and lock my gates again. He then broke an iron piece from my gate and hurled it at me from outside,” recounted Vikal.

Vikal, who was alone at his house at that time, immediately tried to call the police, but failed to get through. So, he called one of his friends and urged him to bring a police team. Dhankar, meanwhile, had walked over to a neighbouring street, allowing Vikal to come out of his house and keep an eye on him.

But the moment Dhankar saw him outside, he chased him with the rod in his hand. “He kept shouting that he was going to kill me. I could have been his seventh victim, had he not missed by a fraction of a second,” said Vikal.

Vikal later gathered a few neighbours and ensured that the killer did not leave the area. It was around 7.15am that three police vehicles finally rolled into the neighbourhood.

“When the police arrived, Dhankar ran into a house that was open. Fortunately, there was no one inside. When the policemen tried to restrain him, he attacked one of them with the rod. The police immediately responded and beat him up with their lathis, with one of the policemen even whipping out his gun,” said Vikal.

Before Dhankar could be overpowered, he reportedly made a last ditch attempt to escape by jumping into a drain flowing in the neighbourhood. He, however, was overpowered, taken into custody and booked for murder. Source : ht




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