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Prior to independence, the condition of the schedule caste was really poor and there were started many movements for their betterment. Jyotiba Phule did a lot of activities for their welfare and he fought for their rights and to educate them. Then after independence, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar added a new chapter towards their progress. Dr. Ambedkar had seen the miserable lifestyle of schedule caste people since childhood and he was well aware of their illiteracy and strong caste based eveil practices such as untouchability. He presented several points before the government for their betterment and as a result of his relentless efforts, such low caste people have been given special reservations, as per Indian constitution. The dream that Dr. Ambedkar for people belonging to  SC category of people seems to have materialized in independent India. Today, we have several state chief ministers who hail from such caste. Mr. Jeetan Ram Manjhi has been a paramount name in such a trend as he is the present CM of Indian state Bihar. Prior to this, Mr. K.R. Narayanan was the president  of India and Mr. Jag Jeevan Ram was deputy PM of India. Ms. Mira kumar was Lok Sabha speaker, who is daughter of Mr. Jag Jeevan Ram. Also, in several union governments too, many ministers had been from this community. The bottomline is that such a class of people has gone far ahead politically, in the recent years. In the field of healthcare, education, science and technology, research and development and in many other fields, these people have gained prominence now.  At the same time, there remains another face where many scheduled caste do not get proper meals twice a day, there is scarcity  of electricity in their colonies.  Although the government has provided them some houses but other than that, their living standard is still very low and a smaller of section of this Scheduled Caste people are still deprive of proper education and professional training. Consequently, these people are still in the traditional profession. The government will still, need to formulate several policies and programmes for their betterment.



Schedule Castes


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